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When I was diagnosed, I was given a free ReliOn meter from my Diabetic Educator assigned to me. It did the job, but I seemed to get a lot of mixed readings. The price of the meter is low, and the test strips were cheap, but for the amount of wasted test strips to re-check odd high or low readings add up.


I then ordered the "active1st Bayer Contour Next Complete Diabetes Testing Kit" from Amazon for $36.95 and free two day shipping with prime. This kit came with a Bayer Contour Next EZ meter, 100 Lancets, Lancing device, 100 Test strips, testing solution, and bag to keep it all in one place as well easy transportation to check throughout the day.


Still new to being a T1D, my insurance covered a OneTouch Ultra 2. The device felt extremely clunky, and the screen was very dull and could only be read in low light areas making it useless for use outside. On top of not liking the meter, my insurance at the moment will only cover 25 strips a month, leaving me to buy expensive test strips. So I stopped using this meter just about immediately not being happy with it, and went back to the Bayer Contour Next EZ.


I wanted a meter that I could either sync with my phone or be able to easily export the data to my computer in a excel format. I looked around for a while, and was considering either the iHealth blood glucose meter, or the OneTouch Verio Sync. With the strips for the iHealth being a good rate, and the Verio Sync being the meter I really wanted. But I could not afford the Verio Sync, so I was in a pickle. Knowing I could get the Bayer Contour Next strips in bulk of 300 strips for $67, and really liking my EZ meter. I decided to give the Bayer Contour Next USB which use the Contour Next strips. I ended up falling in love with this meter, and the GLUCOFACTS Delux software which comes included allowed me to easily export my data to my computer, and allowed me to view my data exactly as I wanted.



Strips (300 count):

Here are some pictures of the GLUCOFACTS Delux Software.







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