Can't Cheat the Meter!

Since, being discharged from St.Mary's hospital with blood sugars still in the mid to high two hundreds. I have made it a goal to try and get my 14-day average as close to 100 as possible, and keep it there. I can officially say that I have done it! On day 4 of managing diabetes I was down to being in a range of 80-180. At this time the lenses in my eyes where swollen from having a blood sugar of 533 when I was admitted. I was so blind at this time, that size 30 font on my computer was barely readable. Now that my blood sugars have been stable, my eye sight has returned to normal. Any way, back on topic to my 14-day average. Below is a picture of my meter with my 14-day average of all readings.


I'm also was impressed with my 14-day average after meals.


I'd like my fasting average to be 110 like my 14-day average of all readings, but still happy with the result.


From the results I am able to get from the meter I am able to calculate an estimated value of what my A1C should be.

According to: my A1C with an average of 110 is 5.45%. This makes me really happy, and I feel great. Now my goal is to keep it around this number, and continue my exercises.

As for my daily life. I've been doing pretty good on doing 10,000 steps since I've been discharged. I gained 20lbs when I started on my insulin which is common, but with the walking I have been losing about 1 1/2 pounds to 2 pounds a week. My current weight is 213.6lbs, now to get down to 185. I'll be happy at 185, and now that I happy with blood sugars, and I am getting a hang on how my blood sugars react to exercise. I am going to start mountain biking every other day, and walking on the off days. Maybe I'll be able to add an extra pound to the amount I lose each week.

I also have graduated from my community college with an Associates of Science, and am on track to be at the University of Arizona next semester to work on getting my Bachelors of Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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