Why I Returned my Fitbit for the Apple Watch

Lets start with some family history. Both on my moms, and dads side of the family. The men have been known to have heart issues ages 50-60+. Then being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I decided I wanted to get a Tracker to monitor my heart rate and some way of completing exercise goals, even if it's just x amount of steps per day. I had a lot of friends who had the Fitbit, and they always recommended one to me. So I was a bit bias toward Fitbit over the Apple watch. I ended up getting the Fitbit Charge HR which was simple, small, elegant, and monitored my heart rate 24/7. The first 2 days, I loved my Fitbit. Then I found the iOS Health app on my iPhone 6s Plus and wanted my Fitbit to sync to it as I was already using it to log my Blood Glucose levels that day. To my disappointment Fitbit supported syncing with Android, and Microsoft health apps on their devices but not iOS Health App. I was kinda sad about that, and went to search to see if Fitbit had any plans on integrating with HealthKit so my Charge HR could sync to the Health app. I found a feature request that has been in review for over a year, with a massive following. I started looking into it, and it looked like Fitbit had no plans to add HealthKit support any time in the future. This was a big strike for me towards Fitbit. In the feature request I did see people recommending a $2 app called Sync Solver. I got it, but to my surprise it could not sync my heart rate data, and the steps, and other data it could sync was not synced in a way that was useful. I decided I could live with it, and just use the Fitbit app to check my heart rate data.

I continued to use my Fitbit, but I woke up today, and was just no longer happy with my Fitbit due to the lack of support for iOS that I wanted. I used to see Fitbit as a respectable company, but now. I would never recommend another Fitbit product to anyone I know. How can you support practically every other device, than just ignore one. Then on top of that just leave the request that obviously is desperately wanted by the masses being that it has the most up votes of any other feature request and as of writing this post at 133 pages of support discussion upon members of the Fitbit community.

Anyway, back to not being happy with my Fitbit waking up this morning. I purchased my Fitbit at BestBuy, and they offer a 14-day return policy if you're not happy with the device. I took my Fitbit back today and returned it to get a Apple Watch. I ended up with the 38mm Sport model being that I got it for a really good deal open box. I was originally afraid I would not like the Apple Watch originally which was the ending decision to go with Fitbit originally. But now even wearing the Apple Watch at this very moment, I have 0 regrets. There are some things I don't like about this watch already, but far more happy with it than the Fitbit. Now all my data is one place, and that's all I wanted from Fitbit.

Expect a review of the 38mm Apple Sport Watch in the future as it's still new to me, and it would not be fair to leave a review on a product I've only had on for a few hours today.

Thanks for reading, and stoping by!

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