As I finish projects they will be posted here to showcase them, as well my work.

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Trail Riders of Southern Arizona

Trail Riders of Southen Arizona (TRSAZ) is a local non-profit that I am part of that works on preserving OHV Trails, and sharing proper use of the trails. As a form of help towards the cause, I have taken over their entire website. Including a more automated new member registration system over the old system.

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CCASS Website

Hired as a student employee at the Institute of the Environment, which is a research institute part of the University of Arizona. I work on websites with a team of people. Including a design team and 2 other co-workers where we either created new sites, or designed face lifts for them. CCASS (Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions) being one of them. I did page templating, content managment/structure, and a big chunk of the page styling in SASS (http://sass-lang.

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